• This Penthouse IS the Best Apartment in Seattle!

    Chasten Fulbright, a principal at boutique property management firm Blanton Turner, metaphorically stands guard behind the front door of the penthouse at The Lofts at 325. Assisting with leasing of Seattle’s newest gem-box urban loft apartment project, Chasten proudly describes the craftsmanship that defines this unique project amongst the ubiquity of new apartment development in

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  • Seattle’s South Lake Union: An Urban Neighborhood is Born

    It was late on a Friday night in Belltown, much too late for me. I was several rounds of drinks deep with the illuminati of cool — young, upwardly mobile late 20-somethings yammering on about all that is important to our newest generation of trendsetters. As the evening drew on, the topic turned to the

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  • CRE Joins the Crowd

      Raising money for a business endeavor is as old as business itself. The concept of looking to “friends and family” in order to raise capital is the yeoman’s work of the burgeoning entrepreneur. In the technology world, a shift occurred years ago and capital raising went social and viral in the form of Kickstarter

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